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Secret Identities Futavillainess #2

Night Terror the greatest supervillainess the world has ever known would also be the greatest benevolent dictator for life the world has ever known if it wasn't for Fialux and her stupid superpowers always swooping in and saving the day at just the wrong moment Night Terror had a plan to deal with Fialux a plan to steal her powers a plan that couldn't failIt fail.

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EdNow thanks to a super science screwup Night Terror has grown something incredible between her legs something that has her reconsidering and devising new plans for Fialux that still involve domination just not the world variety of domination she's usually chasing And nothing will stand in her waySo Night Terror takes on a secret identity of her own and goes to w.

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Ork teaching Journalism 105 Surviving A Heroic Intervention at the local university as part of a plot to unmask Fialux and finally discover the great heroine's secret identityTension and passions mount as Night Terror homes in on her archenemy's greatest secret and unwittingly finds herself the subject of the ultimate heroine's ultimate forbidden professor fantas.

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  • 14 November 2018
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