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Literary Nonfiction Art In SEEING OUT LOUD Saltz critically engages with notable works of art by over 100 notable artists ranging from Picasso Matisse and Warhol to Matthew Barney Gerhard Richter and Chris Ofili These reviews appeared in the Village Voice between November 1998 and win.

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From the perspective of the viewer the ignorant the lover and the enemy His writing is overwhelmingly passionate yet without sentimentality His words pierce the content and beauty of each work of art to test its endurance in time and memory Francesco Bonami Curator 2003 Venice Bienna.

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Ter 2003 Jerry Saltz is the best informed and hair trigger liveliest of contemporary art critics tracking pleasure and jump starting intelligence on the fly Jerry's fast takes usually stand up better in retrospect than other people's long views Peter Schjedahl Jerry Saltz looks at art.

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    This is a collection of his reviews from the Village Voice and they're really interesting You have to know something about art because he compares artists to other artists but his style is very down to earth He doesn't take a lot of crap and he tells it the way he sees it If he doesn't understand he'll say that

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    He kept shoutingIt was a little too visceral for me

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    Jerry Saltz is a grounded and human genius A joy to read even when I don't agree with him This is a wonderful co