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Not so and the author's personal life The column's buoyant tone and warm voice make for a charming read I still love the beach If I had a tail I'd wag it when I'm near the water As a teenager Etling moved to the area with his family and it's clear that he has adored the area ever since More than just a love letter to his hometown however Sideways provides affecting reading for all Etling is all over the board from what happens when a small town kid goes to war to the peril of navigating a highway crossed freuently by deer to a Hollywood invasion when suddenly everyone's an extra on the set of Seabiscuit Fruitful subject matter a likable host and evocative writing make for an enjoyable guide to this nook of California Kirkus Discoveri.

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Sideways in Neverland Life in the Santa Ynez Valley California

The Neverland Valley Welcome sign depicts a little boy bending over to talk to a troll Peter Pan was playing at the packed eighty seat 7000 suare foot theatre Popcorn and drinks were dished up gratis to the mobs at the concession stand On screen Captain Hook had ten wide eyed children bound and gagged about to be fed to the crocodile Nearby amid the rides a band was taking a break Beat It thumped loudly from hidden speakers A circus like tent houses the bumper cars where jubilant lads faces flushed with excitement rammed each other with enthusiasm I freely admitted there was no doubt that allegations of child molestation had hurt Jackson in this community Where wouldn't such charges resonate Sodom and Gomorrah What do Michael Jackson'.

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S neighbors really think of him or the other famous residents of the rural California wine country made famous by Sideways Just two hours from Los Angeles the honorable Old West lives on with cowboys and Indians a Danish village stars surfers Michael Jackson and William Etling has the soul of an explorer and the wit of a jester Lucky for us he also has a pen Michelle Schlegel The collected Santa Ynez Notebook of a Santa Barbara News Press writer Etling's delightful bi weekly editorial dishes on all things Santa Ynez Valley an area of tiny towns near Santa Barbara Calif This compilation of almost three years of work covers a wide variety of topics including community events regional history locals both famous Michael Jackson anyone and.

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    I LOVE the valley I grew up in a little too much at times So a book all about living in Santa Ynez sounded great It started out great Talking about how amazing the valley is How beautiful it is and how we have our own little bit of hidden heaven hidden away from the busy over populated California The author has

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    This is a great book it provides history of a place I hold dear to me

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    Collection of newspaper columns about the Santa Ynez Valley starts well but runs out of steam Eh Probably won't go on