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    “Iosif Stalin was a human being He collected watches He played skittles and billiards He loved gardening and Russian steam baths He owned suits and ties but never wore themHe wore a semi military tunic of either gray or khaki color buttoned at the top along with baggy khaki trousers that he tucked into his tall leather

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    This is a difficult book to review One can only admire Kotkin's very close attention to archival material extensive reading of the second hand sources his no BS nonsentimental approach to his study material Waiting for Hitler at times reads like day to day accountor logbook of what Stalin did between 1928 and 1941 And for the most part this is the main strength of the bookKotkin rejects two prevalent views on Stalin p

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    This was even better than Volume I if that is even possible Volume II gets into the meat of the dictatorship leading up to World Wa

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    I just finished that damn thingWholly mother of god this book was L O N GIt was LONGER than volume I which was itself extremely extremely very very long This book covers Stains horrendous mass murder and incarceration binge otherwise known as ‘the terrors’And it was interesting Extremely well researched and written And VERRY VERY detail

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    I doubt that anybody will write a better or comprehensive biography of the despot as Kotkin calls the Soviet dictator at least for ma

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    Stephen Kotkin is a historian who has written several outstanding books on Russian history and is now in the process of distilling h

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    Hard going but worth it Kotkin's attention to detail provides many revelations

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    Huge and time consuming but makes you understand the big picture much better

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    STALIN PART 2Holy frick you guys Are y’all into details? Because whoa shoot is this the book for you It is relentless in its detail Meetings and dudes and other meetings that happen simultaneously with different dudes Everybody’s name is Fuckanovich or Zukaplansky So if you’re into tedium seek your Mecca in these pages Overall though it was a pretty interesting bog to wade through A lot of crazy stuff went down on this guy

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    Kotkin’s biography of Stalin is finally doing justice to one of the most extraordinary despots in history Alt

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Stalin Waiting for Hitler 1929 1941

Ssion throwing global capital into crisis the Soviet Union's New Man looked like nothing so much as the man of the future As the shadows of the 30's deepen Stalin's drive to militarize Soviet society takes on increasing urgency and the ambition of Nazi Germany becomes the predominant geopolitical reality he faces when Hitler claims that communism is a global Judeo Bolshevik conspiracy to bring the Slavic race to power But just because they're out to get you doesn't mean you're not paranoid Stalin's paranoia is increasingly one of the most horrible facts of life for his entire country Stalin's obsessions drive him to violently purge almost a million people including military leadership diplomatic corps and intelligence apparatus to say nothing of a generation of artistic talent And then came the p. I doubt that anybody will write a better or comprehensive biography of the despot as Kotkin calls the Soviet dictator at least for many years to come The book will interest specialists and history enthusiasts alike It is the product of meticulous and exhaustive research and attempts to resolve several of the historical mysteries surrounding Stalin s reign Of the two Stalin is by far important to world history than Lenin and he also led a interesting life Say what you will but stories about ard car robbers are always interesting than those about losers cheats and cowards on the lamThis is the second volume of Kotkin s planned three volume biography of Stalin see Stalin Volume I Paradoxes of Power 1878 1928 covering his ascension to supreme Russian leader through the eve of Germany s invasion in June 1941 This period includes collectivization the Terror and the Pact of SteelCollectivization of agriculture was the event that precipitated the other two Lenin made the first unsuccessful attempt at collectivization Stalin succeeded in making it a reality The purpose of course was to drain resources from rural agriculture and divert them to urban industry The resulting famines were horrible made worse by the wholesale murder of recalcitrant peasants as well as local communist officials who were unable to meet Stalin s demands Party officials and others openly criticized Stalin for the brutality of collectivization and it was those critics who were systematically tortured imprisoned and executed during the TerrorStalin never knew a peasant or anything else about rural agriculture He viewed the mega deaths as statistics not human tragedy and he rejected Party criticisms of the famines as ignorant at best and sabotage at worst The Terror 1936 38 on the other hand was personal as it engulfed Stalin s friends indeed many of his closest associates as well masses of ordinary Soviet citizens Indeed the Terror was aimed at eliminating Party cadres in all levels of government military secret police apparatchiks and nomenklatura as much if not than ordinary citizens Stalin replaced them with young ideologically committed and inexperienced individuals who were solely obedient to the despot with names like Khrushchev Brezhnev Kosygin and Beria In constructing the Soviet Man Stalin apparently felt the need to eliminate a whole generation of older Bolsheviks who didn t necessarily revere or fear the despot The military was especially devastated in the years immediately preceding World War IIThe Pact of Steel with Germany 1939 shocked communists and fascists alike Both Hitler and Stalin viewed the agreement as a temporary expedient at best with the additional benefit of keeping Great Britain guessing about the dictators end game Hitler thought the agreement might force Britain to come to terms while Stalin saw it as a means to preclude an Anglo German alliance aimed against the USSR Stalin also hoped the Germans would use their considerable influence in Tokyo to prevent an attack by Japan on Russia s eastern territories In the meantime both the Nazis and communists derived huge benefits from the deal food and fuel for Germany advanced technology for RussiaIn the months before Operation BARBAROSSA German and British disinformation combined with Stalin s own paranoia overloaded the NKVDNKGB now depleted of its most experienced operators during the Terror making informed decision making nearly impossible Stalin and everybody else saw the German military build up on Russia s western borders and the Soviets responded as best they could Stalin ultimately saw the aggression as an effort by the Nazis to force economic and political concessions from Moscow not as a prelude to an actual invasion which would be madness Germany again fighting a two front war Stalin welcomed new German demands as providing an opportunity for stalling gaining an additional year for military preparations Stalin was wrong about HitlerStalin was a sociopath utterly ruthless and a conspiratorial paranoid traits that helped make the Soviet Union a global superpower after World War II

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Act that shocked the world and demoralized leftists everywhere Stalin's pact with Hitler in 1939 the carve up of Poland and Stalin's utter inability to see Hitler's build up to the invasion of the USSR Yet for all that in just 12 years of total power Stalin has taken this country from a peasant economy to a formidable modern war machine that rivaled anything else in the world When the invasion came Stalin wasn't ready but his country would prove to be prepared That is a dimension of the Stalin story that has never adeuately been reckoned with before and it looms large here Stalin Waiting for Hitler 1929 1941 is like its predecessor nothing less than a history of the world from Stalin's desk It is also like its predecessor a landmark achievement in the annals of its field and in the biographer's a. Huge and time consuming but makes you understand the big picture much better

free read É eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Stephen Kotkin

Pulitzer Prize finalist Stephen Kotkin continues his definitive biography of Stalin from collectivization and the Great Terror through to the coming of the conflict with Hitler's Germany that is the signal event of modern world historyWhen we left Stalin at the end of Stalin Paradoxes of Power 1878 1928 it was 1928 and he had finally climbed the mountaintop and achieved dictatorial power of the Soviet empire The vastest peasant economy in the world would be transformed into socialist modernity whatever it took What it took or what Stalin believed it took was the most relentless campaign of shock industrialization the world has ever seen This is the story of the five year plans the new factory towns and the integration of an entire system of penal labor into the larger economy With the Great Depre. This was even better than Volume I if that is even possible Volume II gets into the meat of the dictatorship leading up to World War II The primary focus is the infamous purge when Stalin killed just about everybody The only rational reason for his unbelievable cruelty and sheer disregard for human life because he could There was really no rhyme or reason for completely decimating the entire cabinet and the military The best estimate is 750000 people were sent to the Gulag to die or were often just killed outright in prisons after confessing to various and assundry fabricated crimes against the Stateideology I thought my outrage was spent when he starved the citizens as a result of collectivization in such a cavalier cold hearted manner What he did during the Great Purge left me incredulous sickened and sorrowful One of the best parts of Stephen Kotkin obvious commitment to make this series of biographies about Joseph Stalin thorough is his deep deep understanding of the peoples cultures lifestyles personalities and atmosphere that operated in Soviet Russia He also makes sure to provide full backgrounds of not only those in Stalin s immediate sphere but all of the major and minor players who play a role in world politics and government Hitler Franco Churchill Roosevelt Mao Zedong etc etc He really fleshes out everyone from the era 1929 1941 by providing their backgrounds education and roles in the world I practically stalked Stephen Kotkin and his publisher online to catch the release date for this book Luckily a client gave me a 50 Barnes Noble Gift Card so I did not need to get a library book which would be subject to a cup of coffee This is an absolutely outstanding book and I cannot wait for Volume III So I am back to stalking Stephen Kotkin

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About the Author: Stephen Kotkin

Stephen Mark Kotkin is Professor of History and director of the Program in Russian Studies at Princeton University He specializes in the history of the Soviet Union and has recently begun to research Eurasia generally