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review Stock Photography - 3rd Edition (English Edition)

Yes You Can Become a Stock Photographer Welcome to the rd Edition of Stock Photography The book has been substantially updated with an added chapter containing information on how to prep images and get them ready for submission to the stock photo agencies and most important how to avoid the dreaded rejections we all get from the reviewers at those agencies I have sold thousands of photographs online through stock photo agencies and to the national and international media using the techniues described in this book I m going to show you how to use those techniues to take better photographs than you ever thought possible Ron Leach publisher of Shutterbug Magazine in his foreword to the book says the book is full of easy to follow and effective techniues for improving your photographic skills and marketing your work I h.

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Stock Photography - 3rd Edition (English Edition)

Ave been making a good living with my camera forthan years Second only to my wife my camera is the best friend I ve ever had It s taken me the world over I ve stayed at the world s finest hotels and resorts played the world s greatest golf courses dined in the best restaurants and lived a very good life I couldn t have done it without my trusty Nikon I shoot photographs for a living full time I sell photos for a living and I do it every day you can do it too This book is designed for you folks who would like to learn how take good photographs and make money selling them online to stock photo agencies You ll learn not only how to take photographs that will sell and continue to sell but you ll learn how take them consistently and to order There are steps to becoming a successful stock photographer Each step is covered.

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In this book in detail chapter by chapter I will take you step by step through each techniue I will show you how to take stock photos that will sell and resell not just now and again but consistently and to order and you ll learn how to sell your photos online You ll also learn the art of good composition how to properly focus your camera to ensure that the image is acceptably sharp from foreground to infinity and how to properly expose your photograph all of which is crucial if you want to sell your photos through the online stock photo agenciesFinally I show you exactly how I prep my photos for submissionMaster the techniues you ll learn in this book and you ll become a better photographer than you ever thought possible You WILL be able to shoot good stock photos In short you ll learn how to be a stock photograph.