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F tragedy when hidden inside Myra's fur coat he escapes the sinking ship in a lifeboatBased on a true story with realistic black and white illustrations throughout and a fact filled appendix that includes information about the RMS Titanic Pekingese dogs and this is historical fiction for middle graders who don't realize they like historical ficti.


Sunny Dog Diaries #14

Fans of dog stories and the RMS Titanic take note This new entry in the Dog Diaries series based on a true story is narrated by a pampered Peke that survived the fateful voyage Sun Yat Sen aka Sunny enjoys the finer things in life Noble canine companion to globe trotters Henry and Myra Harper Sunny doesn't even like to walk preferring instead to.

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Be carried Sunny and the Harpers are traveling on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic the biggest finest ship in the world So imagine Sunny's horror when he learns he must stay in the Titanic's kennel with eleven other dogs not in the Harpers' luxurious stateroom It's unthinkable But only four days into the voyage Sunny learns the true meaning o.

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    Our family has enjoyed all of the Dog Diaries books we've read so far The stories are engaging and the history that's woven through them is interesting and informative We enjoy the beautiful drawings that serve to illustrate the books as wel

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    Read this to my 9 year old Though he is a very strong reader I was glad I was reading it to him there were some common French words and other things that reuired a little explanation We enjoyed the book we had no

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