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Terminal Run

C Pacino reenters the game in a high tech underwater battle unlike any that’s been fought before one that could engulf the world in war and bring him face to face with his nemes

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N into the hands of an unseen enemy   The Snarc’s first casualty the nuclear sub carrying the son of former admiral Michael Pacino The only man who can match wits with the Snar

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One ship could revolutionize submarine warfare as we know it the USS Snarc A robotic combat sub carrying no crew the Snarc has proven unbeatable in sea trials And now it has falle

About the Author: Michael DiMercurio

Michael DiMercurio is an honors graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis and has served as a paratrooper Navy diver and as a lieutenant and Chief Propulsion Officer aboard the USS Hammerhead

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    Primo libro di DiMercurio che leggo un thriller interessante alla Tom Clancy La trama è appassionante peròperò non è Tom Clancy nel senso che non è scritto altrettanto bene A volte un po' ripetitivo ma soprattuttoun lieto fine da

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    I enjoyed immensely Michael DiMercurio's eralier works such as 'Barracuda Final Bearing' and 'Attack of the Seawolf' They combined expertise in submarine warfare and good characterization With 'Terminal Run' Mercurio has abandoned his characters making them superficial This book is a process and procedures manual not a gripping drama Disappointing

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