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It's the nineties for heaven's sakeIntelligent women simply do not find themselves won in a card game in Monte Carlo But Maximillian Donelli makes his own rule Re The Corsican Gambit Sandra Marton goes for the classic kidnap for revenge trope on this one Srsly if all kidnappers were as interesting as this Billionaire Corsican H women would would be lining up for miles to be abducted Unfortunately SM kinda drags it down again with an incredibly dumb bunny h that is just too busy petting unicorns and admiring their pretty rainbow manes to notice that her stepbrother is a sub sewer swilling slime crawling nematode pustule I mean a certain amount of naivete is necessary for this trope but the h was the limit and kinda tested my toleranceSo the book starts with our sweet little h being dragooned into going to Monte Carlo with her stepbrother The h has a job in an art gallery and has also inherited half the shares of her late stepfather s company her sewer slurping stepbrother has the other half He is forever dragging her out to socialize with his jet set buds who make a game of one upping each other He claims he needs the h to help him with business connections and because the h feels a little guilty for profiting off the company she doesn t work for she lets him In reality her stepbrother is only a success because he stole some innovations from the H and in his uest for boardroom power he is trying to pimp the h outThe stepbrother continually sets her up in dubious situations but the h is too stupid to see it So far she has managed to avoid anything serious but we can see it is just a matter of time before something really ugly happens Then the stepbrother tries to set her up with some creepy Maruis old guy and the h escapes into the garden She and the H meet in the moonlight and a huge roofie kissing moment happens The h s stepbrother is very irate at having his pimp attempt foiled and the next night he pushes the h at the old guy even harder However the H is there again and it is clear he thinks the h is a tarty tartlet harlot Jezebel Then he realizes the h is his mortal enemie s stepsister Challenges to poker are issued and the h s stepbrother loses his head and starts betting like a hot head idiot and won t leave the casinoThe H is on a hot winning streak and the he wins the the step brother loses After accusations of theft and sabotage it comes down to a poker game The H pushes the bets higher and higher and finally the sewer slurper stepblobule bets the h against the H s full house He loses the h has a temper tantrum and then goes off with the H when he claims he just wants to take her to dinner and dancing and her stepbrother walks offDinner however includes driving along the Corniche Roads of the French Riviera and when the H threatens forced seduction the h declares that if he is going the rape route he is no better than what he claims her stepbrother is The H apologizes and offers to take her back but the h is attracted and plus she feels she has to honor her stepbrother s debt for some reason So after a few glasses of champagne at an awesome terrace bar the H manages to get the h aboard his yacht by pretending it is a restaurant and carrying her up the gangplank and serving her dinner to be fair he offers her the chance to leave again but the h says she will stay Then the H gives the h wine asks her if she would have come with him of her own free will and when she admits she would have he kidnaps the passed out h as we sail off to Corsica and sends a faked h telegraph to the h s stepblobule that she is having a fling and has run off The h freaks out when she wakes up and finally starts realizing she is in a bad situation She is stuck with people who have no interest in helping her and refuse to speak in anything but French or Italian neither of which the h knows much of She also figures out that the H is planning to use her against her stepbrother in some way but she can t figure out how and eventually she just has to go where the H takes her and try to figure out way to escapeHe takes her to his grand Corsican Castle and the h is constantly watched Both the H and h learn a little about each other as the days pass The H explains about how her step brother stole his computer programs and how his poor family immigrated to America where the H got his NYC start and then moved his mum back to Corsica when his dad died The h is falling in love with the H every minute and the H was smitten the first time he saw her the h can t see it but it is pretty obviousThe inevitable lurve club moment arrives when the h is moping around cause she is bored and the H takes her horse back riding We get a glorious passion moment with unicorn grooming licenses being revoked in the herbal scented Corsican Mauis which is a bunch of herbs and plants that grow as scrub on Corisca things like lavender and rosemary and eucalyptus and thyme and the scents make the air smell really great The h is glorying in her big day and night of love and acknowledges that she believes the H now about her step brotherThe next day the h wakes up alone and the H has left the estate She still can t go around without a guard and she realizes that the H was totally playing her So she tarts herself up and when the H finally gets back she is waiting in his bedroom with champagne and the unmade bed and tells the H that she hates to be a hit it and uit kinda girl but she is cause he was a one and done and she is tired of playing the naive nitwit now that she got what she wanted and they both had a little flingThe H ships her back to NYC and the h gets her own little flat but her step brother is furious with her because the H made her miss the shareholder s meeting Because she wasn t there to vote her shares her step brother was kicked out as chairman and the H got his own man in on the stregnth of the shares he owned So the company is doing great but the stepbrother is vowing revenge for his public humiliation and the h agrees there should be some The stepbrother then drags the h to another big society party this time he wants the h to sleep with another skeevy old board member and casually drop some misinformation about the H to get him ousted from the company The H is there with another beautiful woman and the h is hurt she is also furious over yet ANOTHER pimp out attemptThe stepbrother loses it completely and admits that he stole the H s idears when he seduced a female employee of the H s He has always hated his stepsister and felt that she shouldn t have gotten any part of his father s company and that she should be willing to prostitute herself for something she did not deserveThe H overhears all this and declares that the h loves him and then declares that the stepbrother will sell him his shares of the family firm and depart to the mists of HPlandia Tho I don t think pimp blobule evil stepbrother got an elderly widowed pet billionairesses The h admits she loves the H and he admits he loves her back and has since he met her and the two decide to marry and love it up in Corsica for the big pink sparkly HEAThis one was definitely the tropy of the tropiest but it was well done for the most part except for the extreme idiocy of the h However the H went a long way towards making up for her inadeuacies and overall this a great HP outing

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Corsican Gambit Harleuin Presents No 1637

Donelli think he isHer brother's archrival that's who And now Max's potent sexuality promises to weaken Francesca's defenses and threatens to make her a trait Yes this is a romance book that is not an obtainable fantasy but it keeps ya hoppin and I liked reading it

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S and tonight Francesca Drury is his Her loyalty to her brother offers no alternative she has to go through with this crazy charade But kidnapping Who does Max Good bookI like this author and have for years Th I s is a good book but at times I didn t like the hero or the heroine and I didn t like the brother from the very first What a nasty person

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    Re The Corsican Gambit Sandra Marton goes for the classic kidnap for revenge trope on this one Srsly if all kidnappers were

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    35 stars rounded up Heroine is won in a poker game by the hero Heroine's stepbrother stole clients and plans from the hero's business so hero

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    Fair Francesca falls for the ultimate Italian billionaireThis is the first Harleuin Presents I ever read and it still defines the g

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    Would give it 4 stars if the H did not slap the heroine and called her names and then the h was uite forgiving and she thought his abuse was warranted since she 'lied' to him I just could not push that aside Just because he was mad does not mean he could slap someone Calling names was one thing but being violent was another Then the ending seemed rushed He didn't apologize and just said he loved her then everything was sunshine

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    Yes it's predictable yes this plot has been used too many times before but that didn't stop this book from being enjoyable I really liked the

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    Good bookI like this author and have for years Th I s is a good book but at times I didn't like the hero or the heroine and I didn't like the brother from the very first What a nasty person

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    Yes this is a romance book that is not an obtainable fantasy but it keeps ya hoppin and I liked reading it

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    One of the stories you would love to read in a lazy relaxing holiday Very intense well written witty and its characters are adorable

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    Romantic and predictable Basically everything you expect from one of these kinds of books

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    At the start of the book I hated the brother so much I almost stopped reading