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The Flame Imperishable: Tolkien, St. Thomas, and the Metaphysics of Faerie (English Edition)

J R R Tolkien was a profoundly metaphysical thinker and one of the most formative influences on his imagination according to this new study of his works was the great thirteenth century theologian St Thomas Auinas Structured around Tolkiens Middle earth creation myth the Ainulindale The Flame Imperishable follows the thought of Auinas as a guide in laying bare the deeper foundations of many of thefamiliar themes from Tolkiens legendarium including such notions as sub creation free will evil and eucatastrophe More than merely using Auinas to illuminate Tolkien however this study concludes that through its appropriation of many of the philosophical and theological insights of Auinas what Tolkiens literary opus achieves is an important and uniue landmark in the history of Thomism itself offering an imaginative and powerful contempora.

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Ry retrieval interpretation and application of Thomistic metaphysics for the twentieth and twenty first centuriesMcIntoshs comprehension of Tolkiens Legendarium is masterly his appropriation of Auinas is superb his knowledge of the most important works in recent theology is staggeringRALPH C WOODIn a tour de force for religious and non religious readers alike McIntosh illuminates Tolkiens own metaphysical thought and how it pervades the entire fictive world of his legendariumJASON FISHERBreathtakingly original this book deserves to be a landmark With a boldness supported closely by a wealth of reasoned argument McIntosh highlights the singularity and magnitude of Tolkiens achievement both as an artist and as a speculative thinkerRK SEBANCIn this exciting and lucidly written study Jonathan McIntosh flings open a door that has remai.

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Ned all but sealed bringing together the doctor of creation Thomas Auinas with the artist of creation JRR TolkienAIG BERNTHALThis is a trustworthy guide to the radiant sense of being in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion which truly illuminates the realism of Tolkiens projectISON MILBANK The Flame Imperishable is a most valuable addition to Tolkien scholarshipHOLLY ORDWAYThis book is absolutely essential reading to anyone who takes Tolkien seriously enough to want to understand himdeeplySEPH PEARCE The Flame Imperishable is not just another in a long line of books about JRR Tolkien but a truly seminal book that will be remembered as such long after the ephemera surrounding Peter Jacksons work has come and gone It will be canonADLEY J BIRZERJONATHAN MCINTOSH is Fellow of Humanities at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow Ida.

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