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The #1 bestselling author of The Future of the Mind brings us a stunning new vision of our future in spaceHuman civilization is on the verge of spreading beyond Earth More than a possibility it is becoming a necessity whether our hand is forced by climate change and resource depletion or whether future catastrophes compel us to abandon Earth one day we will make our homes among the s. In other words our destiny is to become the gods that we once feared and worshipped Science will give us the means by which we can shape the universe in our image The uestion is whether we will have the wisdom of Solomon to accompany this vast celestial power I haven t read a non fiction novel in than 2 years I don t even remember how I stumbled upon this novel I even tried searching my browsing history to try and figure things out but apparently I just randomly searched it on kindle to check if it was on sale I guess it would either be here on goodreads or on reddit considering I ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time there latelyAstrophysics Cosmology Terraforming Science Fiction or anything about Space you can throw at me and I will catch it with utmost eagerness These topics have been a huge interest of mine ever since and whilst I don t dwell much on it or try to really dig deep and learn the stuff I am keen to slowly learn the stuff I never hated Physics in fact I actually enjoyed it but not enough to really consider having a future in astrophysics My love for Chemistry and Biology prevailed and in result here I am about to start my second year in medicine in a few weeks Regrets Not really but books like this really make me rethink my life decisions even by a little bitI am beyond grateful for discovering this book I was supposed to read a Sci Fi novel about Space but ended up choosing this instead Another major factor was that it was readily available in my local bookstore in hardcover so I grabbed it right away Never in my life have I looked forward to reading a non fiction book Even Stephen King s On Writing took me a few days to read 4 I think but this barely made 3 days If it wasn t for my tooth extraction and post op pain I would ve devoured this in a day I lost track of time and my attention span suddenly was amazing while reading this novel I haven t experienced this in years Michio Kaku tackled on multiple important topics in this novel As the title says it s major focus lie on Terraforming Interstellar travel theories on the universe theories on physics and the likes and well the future of humanity Don t we all love a good Sci Fi book movie or TV Series here and there Well this novel briefly yet successfully explains the rationale regarding most of the Sci Fi things you ve encountered You see Science Fiction while fiction is an author s way of depicting what could happen in the future While not all of them are plausible or scientifically correct some if not most of them are actually possible I will not discuss anything in detail or at all in this review cause most of the topics are briefly discussed and I don t wanna be a spoiler to anyone If you re familiar with The Flash Dark Matter and well most of the books movies and TV series out there about time travel and space this novel explains what happens when you mess with the universe I was most impressed with how he explained the multiverse and how it was actually at parr with The FlashDC s explanation Well DC is known to be heavily Science inclined as compared to Marvel and I m glad that they didn t get it wrong this time I am also fascinated with the theories of what could happen in the future I m glad he tackled on possible fates for the universe and not just humanity itself I didn t know most of the projects out there today and I am fascinated and interested to know about themThe problem with not reading much Science Non Fiction novels is that I m not sure how good this novel actually is especially for voracious readers of the genre and most especially of those in the academe and scientists I may not be the best source to know if this novel is reliable scientifically but I can say that the author provided adeuate explanations to strengthen his claims I have yet to read the Elon Musk book out 3 years ago that is still sitting on my shelf collecting dusk with no acceptable reason why While I am not the biggest fan of Mars thanks to my hatred for John Carter of Mars when I was younger I am immensely interested in Terraforming I do believe that we will achieve it in the near future with billionaires and scientists working on it It s also great how near the end of the novel String Theory was heavily discussed I used to be addicted to The Big Bang Theory and how Sheldon Cooper chose String Theory as his main focus of study I vaguely remember a character said that it s sad that Sheldon chose a field where it s well a dead end It was Leonard I think I m not sure but it s great how I was finally introduced to it aside from the vague things I got from The Big Bang Theory Since I ve rekindled my love for this genre I will read on it In fact I ve already ordered some books regarding Moon exploration terraforming and other books of this amazing author55 Stars I m sure this review is not doing this novel justice but this is one of my most utmost and highest recommendations ever Well before deciding to read it if you aren t really interested in the topics that are clearly stated by the title and book description then steer clear from this cause it s a bit heavy on the science Might edit my review if I remember to add something

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Rby stars might be reached by microscopic spaceships sailing through space on laser beams; and technology might one day allow us to transcend our physical bodies entirelyWith irrepressible enthusiasm and wonder Dr Kaku takes readers on a fascinating journey to a future in which humanity could finally fulfil its long awaited destiny among the stars and perhaps even achieve immortality. This book is an amazing trip through the universe and beyond which apparently could happen some distant day From colonizing Mars to one day laser porting our consciousness to distant galaxies at the speed of light the possibilities dreamed up by science fiction writers could become reality and even be surpassed if humans can find a way to get out of our own way Well written thoroughly researched and accessible to the average reader this book will expand minds about what s possible and hopefully inspire action

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TarsWorld renowned physicist and futurist Michio Kaku explores in rich accessible detail how humanity might gradually develop a sustainable civilization in outer space With his trademark storytelling verve Kaku shows us how science fiction is becoming reality mind boggling developments in robotics nanotechnology and biotechnology could enable us to build habitable cities on Mars; nea. This is utterly fascinating and written in a way that was easy to understand Kaku mixes science with fiction pulled from pop culture books etc in order to explain what could or couldn t happen in the future I was surprised how easy it was to grasp the ideas and loved the examples he gives His love of science is evident in his writing and very contagious I have another book of his that I ve been hesitant to start I was afraid it d be over my head but after reading this I m eager to dive into it Highly highly recommend

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    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewThe Future of Humanity Terraforming Mars Interstellar Travel Immortality and Our Destiny Beyond Earth by Michio KakuI should really be appealing to the 5th

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    In other words our destiny is to become the gods that we once feared and worshipped Science will give us the means by which we can sha

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    while I did not enjoy this book and definitely do not rec it to adults if you have a bright 8 12 year old interest

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    This is utterly fascinating and written in a way that was easy to understand Kaku mixes science with fiction pulled from po

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    I spent a couple of hours skimming and scanning Prof Kaku's latest book and I'm giving up on it I'm not uite sure why I find his writing style so profoundly irritating His information is generally correct although other reviewers call him out for some bloopers which I didn't see I guess it's because his grand ideas of the future of humanity just seem well tired and old hat He can take something that should be

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    This book is an amazing trip through the universe and beyond which apparently could happen some distant day From colonizing Mars to one day laser porting our consciousness to distant galaxies at the speed of light the possi

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    35 starsTHIS is what I wanted Soonish Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve andor Ruin Everything to be spe

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    45 rounded ⬆This is a speculative vision of the future based on current scientific understanding and the likelihood of making science fiction a reality This book is highly informative and intriguing Kaku uses current physics theories and theoretical understandings to discuss the possibility of becoming a multi planetary species and achie