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The Justice and Development Party in Turkey

Oretical discussions Toygar Sinan Baykan locates the JDP within the wider literature of populism Islamist party politics party organisations and authoritarianism Over fifty in depth interviews also help to relate the intimate story of Turkey's socio cultural divides and the JDP's intraparty organisational dynamics thereby offering a fresh account of Turkish politics.

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Turkish politics were remarkably reshaped in the early 2000s following the decline of the Islamist National View and the electoral breakthrough of the new Justice and Development Party JDP headed by Erdoğan Beside its Islamist credentials Erdoğan's JDP consistently and convincingly presented itself as the 'populist' defender of the downtrodden sectors of Turkish s.

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Ociety However with Erdoğan's rise as the popularly elected president in 2014 Turkey's already fragile democratic system was driven in a authoritarian direction Shifting the focus away from structural factors this book analyzes the political appeal and organisation of the JDP that granted them such unprecedented electoral resilience With critical but accessible the.

  • Hardcover
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  • The Justice and Development Party in Turkey
  • Toygar Sinan Baykan
  • en
  • 22 February 2019
  • 9781108480871

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