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Tearing her family apart She’s going to need helpSo if I’m gone that means I can’t be there for Ella I can’t help them through this But you can So I’m begging you as my best friend go take care of my sister my familyPlease don’t make her go through it aloneRyan. I m still having such a hard time with this book weeks later I originally wasn t going to give this a star rating or post my review on any retail sites but that honestly goes against everything I m always preaching about when it comes to reviews I think it s unfair to other readers if all they see is glowing praise And yes everyone will relate and react to a book in different ways but that s exactly why we shouldn t be afraid to post our thoughts even if they are the complete opposite of everyone else Just because someone adored a story doesn t negate the fact that I or other readers will have the complete opposite reaction While I will not be posting what s under my spoiler tag on any of the other sites I will be sharing some of my thoughts and feelings and that this book was a journey I wish I had never takenNope nope nope I m about to go drink a big bottle of wine to try and block this book from my memoryview spoilerThe only other time I felt anywhere near as devastated after reading a book as I do right now was when I finished Written in the Scars by Adrianna Locke I can handle heartbreak Heck Jewel E Ann and Emma Scott are 2 of my favorite authors What I can t handle is a death that does nothing for the story And Colt s death in my opinion did nothing but ruin what otherwise could have become a favorite book I honestly wish I had read the 1 review that contained spoilers before I had started reading it would have saved me unbelievable heartbreak I m not sure devastated is even a strong enough word for what I m feeling I seriously wish there was a way for me to go back in time I never would have reuested to read and review I don t know how anyone can think this is a beautiful book after reading that last 10% Colt s death was gratuitous and undeserving and I ll NEVER understand why the author felt it necessary It did NOTHING for the story except ruin it hide spoiler

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BeckettIf you’re reading this well you know the last letter drill You made it I didn’t Get off the guilt train because I know if there was any chance you could have saved me you would haveI need one thing from you get out of the army and get to TellurideMy little siste. 45 starsWear waterproof mascara while reading this book Seriously waterproof mascara and tissues If you need a good cry read this book Anyone remember seeing Tammy Taye Bakker cry with mascara running down her face on TV That was pretty much me while reading this book Cry a rama occurred at my house today So yeah I bawled I also really enjoyed this book that ripped my heart out Plus this was a romance book folks Geeze Louise is all I can say This one had heart and soul The long and short of it is that Ryan and Chaos Beckett are best friends serving in the military Ryan decided to have Beckett write to his sister Ella and vice versa as Beckett did not have any family and received no letters So a pen pal relationship began Beckett is used to being alone but loves receiving the letters as he learns that being connected to another person is not a bad thing That it is possible to connect with someone he has never metElla is a single mother to twins who is devastated when her daughter is diagnosed with Cancer She is trying to hold it all together take care of her children fight with insurance run a business and write to Chaos Beckett She is used to doing everything on her own but maybe this time she might need someone to hold her up and lessen her burdenWOWZA Is all I can say This book is told in the present and each chapter also has a letter either written to Chaos from Ella or to Ella from Chaos When Beckett shows up at her door the reader knows he is Chaos but Ella does not As I stated this is a romance but it is also so much I inhaled this book and I am so glad I did not mull over too many reviews before reading this The reviews are mixed and I get it This is an emotional book which leaves the reader wondering just how much can one person take The main characters in this book are extremely like able and I rooted for every single one Which is what pulls on the heartstrings during this book Their actions and reactions felt real and believable Ella and Beckett are both good people the kids are adorable and Havoc the retired Military dog could warm anyone s heart Yarros knows how to write characters that will steal the readers heart right before she rips it out then places it back in your chest The writing was also wonderful and pulled me into this story and deposited me in Telluride next to the lake So I mentioned the crying but it s not all sad There are happy moments and fun moments Moments I wanted to cheer with the characters and moments I was happy that good things were finally happening But this book is about the good times and the love that can come out of heartache It is about loss family love falling in love responsibility grief heartache and hope The Author tackles may heavy subjects in this book with grace This is a gritty soft warm emotional devastating sad hopeful heartbreaking sweet and riveting book I could not put this book down Loved this book I have a feeling I will be thinking about this book for some time Romancewomen s fictioncry festcall it what you want I thought it was fantastic and boy did it pull at my heartstrings Thank you to Entangled Publishing LLC and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

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R Ella’s raising the twins alone She’s too independent and won’t accept help easily but she has lost our grandmother our parents and now me It’s too much for anyone to endure It’s not fairAnd here’s the kicker there’s something else you don’t know that’s. You don t really value something until you ve lost it OH MY WOW OH MY FEELS Oh my tears So many tissues from tears of the heart tears from ugly crying tears from Rebecca Yarros THE LAST LETTER Tears still fresh and still real from one of the realest stories I ve met A story that still dances in my dreams The best and most moving military romance I ve ever met A heartbreaker in the best of ways The Last Letter took me on the biggest emotional journey bringing words like honor sacrifice duty and courage the creed of my soldier and all soldiers to life I LOVED this romance and emotional journey so much As both a military wife and mama I felt a deep and indescribable connection to these characters and this story a military romance with one of the best heroes and heroines ever written A story where I fell hard in love with the hero Beckett and heroine Ella A story of a hero and heroine saving each other A story so raw and real A story that stripped me bare where I was broken and bleeding nearly brought me to my knees I would take on armies for her kill for her or die for her My heart was ripped out of my chest yet my soul swooned in a romance that touched every part of me The pain became almost unbearable to read at times feeling all too real but that pain brought immeasurable pleasure too I caught myself smiling through the tears and holding my breath again and again I was DESTROYED DECIMATED I cried my way through this book as my heart both shattered and soared I felt every word I FELT EVERYTHING He used both hands to hold my head and kissed me until I couldn t remember my own name only that I belonged to him The writing It s off the charts powerful I was so in awe with this author s superb storytelling Rebecca Yarros has set the bar so high for military romance that you d be hard pressed to find another writer who gives you a bird s eye view of the battlefield the aftermath of war the employment of courage and sacrifice the fragility of friends and family and what it truly means to love a soldier Yarros pulls out all the emotional stops delivering big time in a DEVASTATINGLY BEAUTIFUL BOOK that shows the bravery among the broken In case no one ever told you you re worthy Of love Of family Of home ACHINGLY EMOTIONAL and EXUISITELY RAW The Last Letter is a rip open your heart roller coaster of a romance with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows An epic story of love and loss with substance and soul TRULY EXTRAORDINARY Uneuivocally beautiful Unparalleled Unforgettable Unlike anything I ve ever read I ve never met a stunning and soulful military romance Just be my happy and let me be yours There aren t enough stars in the universe for this heartfelt and soul striking story Prepare to be blown away by this tear jerker of a tale told in passionate and poignant love letters The Last Letter is THE best military romance and Rebecca Yarros best book yet A heartbreakingly beautiful book that I will forever feel I just want to read it and feel it again and againA must read top 2019 and lifetime romance soul striking stars but worth all the stars in the universe Group Twitter

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    This book slayed the hell out of meA couple of things you should know about me and reading1 I do most of my reading on a treadmill or just before I go to sleep 2 I cry at pretty much every Disney movie I also cried all the way through the movie Wonder As someone who writes primarily romantic comedy I enjoy a good angsty read that makes me tear up That being said I cried through a good 50% of this book which as you migh

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    The tragedy in this story is overkill I expected it to be emotional and even upsetting Her brother a special ops soldier had just died during his assignment she grew up without her parents they'd died when she was a toddler

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    45 starsWear waterproof mascara while reading this book Seriously waterproof mascara and tissues If you need a good cry read this book Anyone remember seeing Tammy Taye Bakker cry with mascara running down her f

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    ”You don’t really value something until you’ve lost it” OH MY WOW OH MY FEELS Oh my tears So many tissues from tears of the heart tears from ugly crying tears from Rebecca Yarros’ THE LAST LETTER Tears still fresh and still real from one of the realest stories I’ve met A story that still dances in my dreams The best and

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    No Rating SPOILERS DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOWSorry I can't do it DNF at 9% That's right 9% Why you ask at only 9% would I

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    THE LAST LETTER Is a full length romance novel by new to me author Rebecca Yarros Spoken in ‘Dual POV’s MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS Chaos is a special ops with his trusty Labrador retrie

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    I'm still having such a hard time with this book weeks later I originally wasn't going to give this a star rating or post my

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    The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros is as much a heartbreaking as it is heartwarming contemporary romance For anyone not familiar what the title The Last Letter is referring to the book is about a soldier who was killed in duty leaving a letter to be read after his deathBeckett and Ryan were best friends serving together in the military with both men not having much in the way of family Ryan did have his sister back home though and seeing B

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    Rating Pending93 percent of the book was AMAZING 5 Star read favorite shelf Then the last 7 percent happened and I didn’t like the turn of events and I’m on the fence what to rate and uite honestly I’m left with the why’s of why the author would do this and why would her Betas would give a green light on itview spoilerI would have

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    I finished this book nearly 2 weeks ago Fourteen days and my heart is still shattered yet so full of love for this story It is so hard to put into words what this book is for me And the love that I have for this author I have followed Mrs Yarros for years read her books loved them and followed her blog on her life adventures Let me say this if you haven’t read this author you are truly missing out There is so much heart in her s