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Ll of these arguments that are not disualified in other ways are epistemically circular for they use premises based upon the very source in uestion Alston then suggest that the most appropriate response to the impossibility of showing that our basic sources of beliefs are reliable is an appeal to the practical rationality of engaging in certain socially established belief forming practices The Reliability of Sense Perception will be welcome by epistemologists cognitive scientists and philosophers of scienc.

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The Reliability of Sense Perception

Why suppose that sense perception is an accurate source of information about the physical environment More generally is it possible to demonstrate that our basic ways of forming beliefs are reliable In this book a leading analytic philosopher confronts this classic problem through detailed investigation of sense perception the source of beliefs in which we place the most confidence Carefully assessing the available arguments William P Alston concludes that it is not possible to show in any noncircular way.

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That sense perception is a reliable source of beliefsAlston thoroughly examines the main arguments that have been advanced for the reliability of sense perception including arguments from the various kinds of success we achieve by relying on the sense perception arguments that some features of our sense experience are best explained by supposing that it is an accurate guide and arguments that there is something conceptually incoherent about the idea that sense perception is not reliable He concludes that a.

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    This work is a continuation of Alston’s earlier project in Perceiving God Earlier he claimed that critics of religious e

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    Proffers the claim that there is no non circular non self referencial defense for the reliability of our sense perception