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Body parts allows you to focus in on the beauty of the antenna of a moth the flight feathers of a parrot or the feeding tentacles of a jellyfish It explains how form relates to function how each feature is an evolutionary answer to the challenges of environment and lifestyleFeatures on key animals combine photography from the field with rounded descriptions of star species These species are glowing examples of hunting spee.

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The Science of Animals: Inside their Secret World

D camouflage or any topic in uestion The Science of Animals also explores how we have depicted animals in art from zoological drawings that recorded new discoveries to great paintings inspired by a deep connection to the natural worldWith fascinating stories such as how animals communicate defend their territories and attract mates The Science of Animals offers an engaging introduction to the diversity of the animal kingdom.


Explore the everyday miracle of the animal kingdomWith spectacular studio uality photography and clear explanations this book reveals the incredible anatomy behaviour and beauty of every type of creature from hair to scale and whisker to tail This elegant introduction to zoology offers interesting views angles and close ups that show you animals in surprising detail The uniue nose to tail approach with chapters on different.