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Den självläkande människan

Ing the book Everyone has a self healing ability that can be enhanced and strengthened Healing is a conscious process in which you have to invest time and energy You have to consider the whole picture the holistic approach All true healing takes time The same symptom may have several different causes Every human being is uniue biochemically and spiritually and should be treated as an individual Many different roads lead to healing the challenge is to find the right one for y. Det h r r en bok som f r dig att m bra Sanna Edhin Anandala tar upp det mesta inom h lsa Efter att ha l st den h r boken kommer du att ifr gas tta vad du stoppar i dig hur du r r dig och hur mycket du sover Det h r r en angel gen bok som m nga borde l sa f r att m b ttre En bok jag varmt rekommenderar dig att l sa Du kommer definitivt att m b ttre efter att ha l st den

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Ed in over twenty years of research and studies The Self Healing Human is a thought provoking insightful Swedish bestseller written in a personal style It has received great attention thanks to the uniue comprehensive view with which Dr Ehdin presents the new health awareness The book offers many suggestions for what to do to feel better including practical exercises in relaxation and self knowledge Welcome to the world of the self healing human What you will learn from read. Sanna Ehdin discusses health and food drug alcohol and sugar addiction motion stress correct breathing and mindfulness And how they interfere Today the focus is often than not on sickness instead of health and she claims that there are companies that benefit from it According to her medications in the right doses is the third biggest cause of death in the west This is a book about those who want to read about something else than the traditional health care Epigenetics means to affect one s own body with healthy food and the right environment for self healing Did you know that b vitamines deficiency can lead to depression Or that persons with anorexia often has zinc deficiency Many conditions are conseuences of similar deficiencies and can be fixed without medications and antibiotics and prevented with the right food Vitamines and minerals can cure and prevent many diseases Stress affect the body than you might think and real breathing and mindfulness are important to keep the body in balanceEhdin means that many deficiencies depend on the diminishing nourishment in the earth Humic acid that blocks viruses and prevents it form binding to the cells is found in the top strata of the earth in peat and lignin but have decreased due to synthetic fertilizers and toxic discharge You can actually eat humid acid as a natural medication I wonder what the traditional doctors that advocates conventional medicine would say about thatSweden after Finland has the world s highest freuenxy of child diabetes Sugar and gluten is the worst substances both when it comes to diseases alcoholism and other addictions and changes the hormon balance It has been known for than a hundred years that hormons affetc the immune system but it is unexplored because women s health has been a low priority in the 20th century something that is very interesting because I would have thought that we had come further than that Still the Socialstyrelse The National Board of Health and Welfare Sveriges kommuner och landsting SKL Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions and Folkh lsoinstitutet Swedish National Institutet of Public Health claim that patients are not met and treated on the same terms Men get expensive medications and women s symptoms have not been taken seriously The research has often focused on men s immune system and animal experiments have been made on male animals But men s and women s immune system are different Women s is stronger because they are responsible for the continuation of the family That means that women have three times bigger chances to utveckla autoimmune diseases than men something that should be taken into consideration when doing research and developing medicineThe book contains much information and advice that might come in handy for many people Women in menopause should take bioidentical hormones instead of synthetic ones They are from the vegetable kingdom and are similar to our own hormones Progesterone is important to take Bioidentic hormons is increasing the risk for age related diseases the cholesterol levels improve and decreases the risk for heart diseases Unfortunately birth control pills often contains synthetic hormons Why are we not informed about this Ehdin goes so far as to claim that menopause might be something that could be postponed She went through a detox in her fifties and got her period back Adults uses 80 % of their energy to detox This is very interestingShe recommend meta medication an overall perspective that integrates traditional complementary and alternative medicine It gives a whole picture and helps the body to self cure Energy medicin is a treatment that proceeded from the foundation of uantum physics and states that everything exists both like particles and waves at the same time The waves makes a certain freuence Different materials have different freuences A healthy cell has another freuence than a sick one The treatment consists of subtle energies and electromagnetic energy like sound waves and light waves Freuency medication works on different freuences Bioresonance is a uantum medical analysis and treatment tecniue that has been developed in space medicine During the analyze the system is sending information about energy waves and is looking for the body s resonans If there is an inbalance there are different freuences in organs and emotionally The system is repairing them with st mma the body s energy fieldsSanna Ehdin has some critical opinions about the society and means that in today s society there are few that are in touch with themselves and finds a meaning with their life much due to the hard and emotionally cold patriarcial structure where everything is about taking power and doing everything to receive it and find a place in the hierarchy She believes that the world s longest war is between the sexes But we don t need a patriarchy or matriarchy We need to see the individual be perceptive and accept each otherOverall the book is very fascinating Even though Ehdin sometimes feel a little too convinced about some things and portrays the lack of knowledge and health treatment like a big conspiracy it gives you much to think about New thinking people are often met with criticism because they are controversial but this book no doubt contains many things that people would benefit from knowing about

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Everyone has a vast untapped potential for self healing that seems to be forgotten in the modern world The Self Healing Human gives us the tools to harness and strengthen this power It leads us into the new paradigm of self care with subjects ranging from the energy level through micro nutrients diet exercise mind emotions detoxification consciousness and spirituality Holistic in essence this book summarizes the knowledge and understanding that Dr Susanna Ehdin has accumulat. Denna bok r fylld med fakta om allt fr n biologi och mikrobiologi till vitaminer och kostr d Om det hade varit allt s hade detta kunnat vara en riktigt bra bok f r den som vill veta mer om hur kroppen fungerar och hur man skall ta hand om denTyv rr r det inte allt som Sanna Ehdin tar upp utan hon sprider ven pseudovetenskapligt nonsens i form av chakran currylinjer healing och mycket mer Ofta h nvisar hon ven till studier som st djer hennes p st enden Dock l mnar hon ute den uppsj av studier som visar att tex healing och b n inte fungerar dvs hon cherry pickar data som st djer hennes f rutfattade meningar om hur v rlden fungerar och utel mnar s dan som inte st djer hennes uppfattningJag kan dock rekommendera denna bok f r n gon som r intresserad av att f b ttre koll p vad det r f r typ av p st enden som florerar inom new age och healthy eating sf rerna

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    Denna bok är fylld med fakta om allt från biologi och mikrobiologi till vitaminer och kostråd Om det hade varit allt så hade detta kunnat vara en riktigt bra bok för den som vill veta mer om hur kroppen fungerar och hur man ska

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    Sanna Ehdin discusses health and food drug alcohol and sugar addiction motion stress correct breathing and mindfulness And how they interfere Today the focus is often than not on sickness instead of health and she claims that there are companies that benefit from it According to her medications in the right do

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    Det här är en bok som får dig att må bra Sanna Edhin Anandala tar upp det mesta inom hälsa Efter att ha läst den här boken kommer du att ifrågasätta vad du stoppar i dig hur du rör dig och hur mycket du sover Det här är e

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    This book is useful and very complete but if you are looking for practical advice you need to look into Ehdin's other books eg the companion cookbook It is like a thesis cataloguing a lot of nutrients and explaining the effects of their depletion on our health It provides good background reading or can be used as a reference manual

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    This well researched book gives us knowledge and tools on how to keep ourselves healthy I recommend ‘The Self Healing Human’ to everyone who is looking to live a healthier lifePayam Ghassemlou PhD

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    Interessant bog om et helhedssyn på krop energi og sind

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