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Mother enters a care home he realises that like so many of us he should perhaps have paid attention to her true worth years beforeAs Nick goes in search of the secrets his late mother took to the grave he finds it can be the smallest things that keep us together when so much is left unspoken This is a memoir of the tiny dramas that fill all our lives and a celebration of the special ties that can bind

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The Smallest Things

Two intimately connected strangers Tender and poignant it captures the richness and also the complexity of family life‘Beautifully written touching and searingly honest An excellent read’ – Christina Patterson author of The Art of Not Falling ApartPraise for Nick Duerden‘Wise and tender’ – A L Kennedy ‘Fascinating and moving’ – Cathy Rentzenbrink‘Intelligent incisive’ – Meg Roso

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It is easy to take for granted the things that are always around us the people who are always there And yet they often hold the keys to who we really areNick Duerden’s grandparents were always just there A mysterious yet unchanging presence a source of dutiful visits birthday cards and carefully preserved rituals lunches dinners and endless card gamesBut as he enters midlife and his 98 year old grand

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    Journalist Nick Duerden always appreciated how his maternal grandparents Nonna and Nonno seemed so ordinary and unchanging Every trip to see them in the Milan suburbs was comfortingly the same He’d muddle along with his meager Italian and they’d look after him in their usual clucking way It was only as he reached middle age and realized that his grandparents were undeniably very old – his grandmother is

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    Love comes in many guises and on ♡Valentine's Day♡ it is all too easy to focus on the romantic love between couples but as this lovely book reminds us love is all around us and it's often the smallest things which make all the differenceIn this memoir of tiny dramas the author focuses on the strength of family of the need to belong and of the values instilled into us by our relationships with our significant others and not jus

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    The Smallest