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The Spring Revolution Ondine #4

Ing treat for young adults Once again the Eastern European nation of Brugel is in danger and once again our apprentice witch Ondine and her boyfriend and part time ferret Hamish are the only ones who can save their countryWith mutating magic in the air a dark army gathering strength and the country on the cusp of a coup d’état our daring duo must cast aside their hopes for a uiet life of romance and dive headfirst into mayhemMeanwhile the ever villainous Lord Vincent is unstoppable in his uest for power Determined to oust his aunt the Duchess Anathea Vincent recruits an army of dastardly allies possessed of money and magicWill it be the time honoured tradition of love conuering all or have Hamish and Ondine finally been outmatched and out magick.

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Hich could end their relationship forever In her darkest hour Ondine must put aside her selfish needs to lead the people of Brugel in a revolt against the tyrannical forces threatening her family and democracy itself As she fights to save those she loves Ondine grapples with her identity and place in the world Has she really got what it takes to be a witch and can magic alone overcome adversityAuthor Ebony McKenna will charm readers with her wit and spirited style in this explosive conclusion to the ONDINE series In this climactic and emotional outing fans will discover stunning revelations that unlock the hidden truths spread throughout the four book sagaCombining folklore and fantasy great laughs and dramatic adventure the Ondine series is a read.

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The fourth and final part of this captivating young adult series combines folklore fantasy and romance with uirky fun and dramatic adventure Mutating magic is everywhere with ‘normals’ now possessing superpowers With a dark army gathering strength and the cunning Lord Vincent plotting to seize control of the country of Brugel it’s up to Ondine and her beloved boyfriend Hamish to expose the truthChiffon and seuins collide during a pop song contest and last chance debutante ball that distracts the population from impending danger These events mask Vincent’s devious plan which will change the fate of nations and see the spine chilling return of an old nemesisAmongst the turmoil Ondine discovers that Hamish has been hiding a disturbing secret w.

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    Fun funny and fantastical It's wonderful to be back in the magical world of Brugel with its uirky characters nefarious goings on and hilarious national heritage Spoiler ahead although it's a romance so probably not that much of a giveaway it's also great to see Ondine once again save the day and end up with her true love Hamish although not without having to overcome their own challenges Can't wait for the next fun read from Ebony McKenna

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