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Thus Sprach der Fuhrer

On May 8 1945 the German Armed Forces outnumbered 25 to one surrendered to the combined forces of three powerful empires The British Soviet and allied American colossus overwhelmed Germany's defenders Civilians joined fighters who from all corners of Europe rushed to Berlin to defend the Reich's collapsing capital Their heroic struggle was futile Berlin fell In its aftermath the most violent orgy of rape pillage and burnt earth destruction since the fury of Geng.

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Narrative the first hand accounts of these events as witnessed and responded to by the visionary German Chancellor Here for the first time in one volume a synopsis of the Führer’s written and spoken response to events at the time Thus Sprach der Führer reveals the real Adolf Hitler a prophet and revolutionary arguably the most popular leader in European history A refreshing change from the stereotype a fantasy caricature created by the victor's propagandists.

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His Khan put Middle Ages Europe to the sword and fire Since that date in May 1945 mainstream media and palace publishers have denigrated the Reich The National Socialist revolution against expansionist Capitalism and Bolshevism has become distorted by victors spin The Reich we read about is a fantasy far removed from reality We are constantly told what the aims of National Socialism were what the German Leader was supposed to have said and done Missing from the.

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