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طلسمِ ہو شربا

Tilism e Hoshruba Complete and unabridged In Urdu 7 Volume Set in 8 Bindings by Munshi Muhammad Hussain Jaah 5th volume is in 2 bindings We as a nation tend to look down on anyone referring to classical Urdu daastans epic is the closest but not the accurate genre in English literature While our contempt for our own classical heritage continues we have in the last few years overcome at least one major obstacle that was keeping us away from it all We used to wonder why on earth anyone should have any interest in tales that re.

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Ies are not just about casting magical spells but about widening the creative horizons of imagination and vocabulary enrichment Publisher have reproduced Munshi Mohammad Hussain Jah's magnum opus the stirring and spellbinding Tilism i Hosh'ruba which is spread over eight volumes technically it is a seven volume set but the fifth volume itself has two parts The neatly produced leather bound reproduction of the 19th century original text of Tilism i Hosh'ruba is yet another effort to preserve our heritage before it is too lat. The Utter Zoo Alphabet yet another effort to preserve our heritage before it is too lat.

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Volve around magic sorcery incantation witchery and such other nonsense which we thought and insisted had no place in the modern world of rocket science and weapons of mass destruction Thanks to the British author Joanne Kathleen Rowling we don't wonder on this count any In fact we stand with our children patiently and pleasantly in long ueues to book advance copies of the Harry Potter series because it is the fad All of a sudden our children have developed a passion for sorcery and we as elders have realized that such stor.

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