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Characters Transnational Environmental Regulation and Governance

Analysis of international environmental agreements regional and EU regulation private environmental regulation and governance networks arguing that TER is highly diverse but sufficiently cohesive to allow the identification of shared characteristics that establish TER as a model of regulation The book uncovers the key features of TER and an.

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Transnational Environmental Regulation and Governance

Alyses the various intentions of TER regulators TER's governance principles and compliance strategies using a newly developed activity based methodology for regulatory analysis This book should be read by anyone seeking to understand the strengths and weaknesses of transnational environmental governance and its contribution to sustainability.

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A large and growing proportion of contemporary environmental regulation is transnational which means that it is impossible to understand environmental governance without a firm grasp of the nature of transnational environmental regulation TER In this illuminating work Veerle Heyvaert offers readers a comprehensive discussion of TER including.