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Tuning in to Terror

L' enough to put in his bedroom things begin to happenStrange and evil thingsFirst the whispers in the night then the ghostly imageit wantsBobby to do unspeakable deeds And most importantly it wants him to 'replace' Bobby is terrified to find out what that meansBut is Bobby o

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Nly dreaming or is this nightmare real He wasn't sure until tragedy struck his new friend Evil can hide in the strangestand most innocent of places Can Bobby resist the demands of the ghost who is driven by the 'Demon from Hell' before it is too late for his familyand himself

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The Bennett family had just moved into the old castle like mansion across town Mr Bennett's dream home from his childhoodyears The house was creepy and ominous and Bobby Bennett found he didn't like it muchWhen Bobby explores the attic and discovers an old radio that was 'coo

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    This was uite an intense book for me However I loved it as I am a paranormal author Deborah McClatchey did a fabulous job in putting together a pretty frightening book I think this would be perfect for a movie The writing is wonderful and the plot like I said pretty intense The main character Bobby never knows w

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    Interesting Intense and Haunting Ghost StoryI always found stories about haunted houses fascinating—pretty scary but fascinating—and this one was a real treatTuning In To Terror is the interesting story of Bobby who moves into a ghostly house with his family After he finds an old radio in the attic strangescaryevil things start to happenThe book is uite intense and frightening and the reader keeps on won

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    A hauntingly fantastic storyWatch out for cool retro things that may hold imprints of the past ghosts owners or pure evilThe radio that communicates from beyond and maybe just maybe you might be able to escape from the torments in store for youTune into the torment

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