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Transition She provides tools and strategies for individuals to navigate their new roles and learn to combine their expertise with their leadership responsibilities She also offers essential advice on the fundamental change in mindset that this reuiresNot just for novice managers this invaluable handbook offers human resources professionals and mentors insights into why their company's star performer may be suddenly floundering and offers essential tools to guide the.

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You Cant Know It All

Make the move from star contributor to exceptional leader in this long overdue hands on guideToday's organizations are packed full of experts in every area from marketing to sales to IT Many of these people are also leaders heading teams or departments They lead because they know than the rest of their group They are followed because of their credibility as expertsYet the toughest transition in business comes when expert leaders are asked to move beyond their expertis.

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E and lead a larger group they struggle with how to span a broad area without trying to become the expert in every aspect In Wanda Wallace's experience this move from expert to spanning leader reuires a new mindset about how to leadWallace explains what few people understand how to add value as a leader when you're spanning an ever growing set of responsibilities In You Can't Know It All Wallace presents the coaching model she has developed to address this challenging.

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    This is a fascinating look at one change facing people who move into upper management She presents it as something new but I think the idea of having to become of an overseer as you move up the ladder is not new Upper management people are supposed to be looking at of the big picture develop strategy and lead people from a number of expertise areas However I do like her discussion of how to make that shift in outlook a

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    I can see myself in this book The differential between an E Leader Expert and an S Leader Spanning was really helpful and I was able to identify when I've been in each of these roles and especially when I was in o

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