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SUMMARY Wanton Angel

Wanton Angel

Y he agrees to the forced match Just as they begin to discover love he inherits his deceased brother’s title In Regency London Derrick’s scandalous American wife feels trapped in a gilded cage Intent on restoring his family’s honor Derrick fears Beth will never be a proper countess Lovers by night antagonists by day they are caught between duty and desire until a treacherous enemy sets a far dangerous trap where their love is put to the ultimate te


A FREE SPIRITED WOMANAllowed to run wild in the Georgia backwoods with her brothers and Creek Indian cousins Beth Blackthorne has no desire to do her duty as daughter of a wealthy planter by making a suitable marriage She prefers honing her skills with a paint brush to flirting with eligible bachelors Mentored by a wealthy Italian noblewoman she pursues her dream in Naples’ glamorous art colonyA MAN BOUND BY DUTYSecond son of an earl Derrick Jamison ap

Shirl Henke â 1 READ

Pears to be just another charming English wastrel basking under the warm Neapolitan sun Not even his family who have disowned him know he is a spy sent to watch the exiled Napoleon Although strongly attracted to the notorious American artist Derrick must leave Beth behind to warn the Duke of Wellington when the emperor escapes from Elba PRISONERS OF DESIREAfter they are reunited Beth’s father arrives demanding that Derrick marry Beth Understand his dut

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    I liked it but the heroine annoyed me She was extremely selfish at every turn Doing anything to make things easier for the hero was simply too much for her She was often self pitying The hero wasn't perfect but h

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    Excellent This was a great read I loved the detail history and the romance Too much happens in the story for me to even try to summarise Can't think of a bad thing to say This is my first read by this author and will not be my last I do wish I had known this was the 3rd in the series Still this book could be a standalone read

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    i love this author wow

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