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Ieving they’re no than the product of the girl’s vast imagination  But slowly Alice comes to the realization that Janie might indeed be telling a strange truthAlice knows the investigation may endanger her already shaky professional reputation and as a woman in a field dominated by men she has no room for mistakes But she is unprepared for the ways it will illuminate terrifying mysteries within her own past and in the process irrevocably change her life. If anyone doubts me when I say that a dodgy ending can ruin an otherwise good book I ll give them this book and let it proves its point I have no idea how to convey the extent to which I am crushed by this book s ending It started so well From the very first page I was drawn in by the writing style The deliciously gloomy atmosphere was so palpable you could feel the stormy weather seeping off the pages It gave me the chills Normally I would mock a movie that relied on conveniently timed rainstorms to create tension but Winters She knew how to weave the weather into the story without it being too purposefulI became uickly attached to our main character Alice Lind and her struggle to gain acceptance in the male dominated field of psychology It was really interesting to see how the story focused on the general public s apprehension toward psychologists and the idea of therapy I was rooting for Alice as she faced down all the obstacles that came in the way of her dream job How was I meant to resist such a feminist story but that s when things started going downhillJanie a seven year old mathematical genius is introduced in the opening chapters Alice is sent to help Janie s teacher extend her schooling but it turns out there s a lot to the story Since the age of two Janie has been speaking about her before life She claims to have chosen to be born again that she is a reincarnation of a drowning victim named Violet Sunday Creepy right You would think this story would go one of two ways from here either the gloomy atmospheric writing style was setting us up for one hell of a horror story or it was going to keep its psychology theme and explore the treatment of mental illness in the 1920s Unfortunately it went neither of those two ways and that s where all of my problems stem from Yesternight s storyline became a detective story instead Alice investigated the possibility of Violet Sunday being a real person not a figment of Janie s imagination I wish I could sum up how unnatural this turn of events felt within the story You know how nails on a blackboard make you feel edgy and uncomfortable It was kind of like that There was no consistency and it was so boringThe last uarter of the book was icing on the cake It was so weird and unnecessary Alice made decisions that seemed to go against her core personality and the whole thing had a distinctive lack of realism and logic The epilogue did nothing but infuriate me You know when you get so angry that you actually get physically sick to the stomach That Yeah that s what happened to me I was so darn furious I hate when stories do things like that and it it honestly made me Hulk rageAfter finishing the book and letting myself stew in my misery I also realised that while the writing was certainly atmospheric it never really captured the 1920s period uite right Everyone knows that this is such a rich period of history but somehow Winters missed the mark The characters and dialogue felt too modern There were few attempts at slang and hints at the Prohibition and WWI but they were never organically incorporated into the story It s like the author had to remind us when this book was set because it wasn t obvious otherwise I did love that time was spent exploring women s sexual and reproductive rights during this time period but it wasn t enough to bring the 1920s to life in my opinion I was also annoyed by Janie s lack of character development For someone so central to the storyline she had literally no personalityOverallIf you couldn t tell I was completely disappointed with Yesternight For such a strong beginning this story s plotline and the ending was just dull While the writing was definitely atmospheric I didn t think that it captured the time period well I have heard fantastic things about Winters other books so I may give her a second chance in the future Review copy provided by the publisher for an honest review

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S to a group of rural schoolchildren A trained psychologist Alice believes mysteries of the mind can be unlocked scientifically but now her views are about to be challenged by one curious childSeven year old Janie O’Daire is a mathematical genius which is surprising But what is disturbing are the stories she tells that her name was once Violet she grew up in Kansas decades earlier and she drowned at age nineteen Alice delves into these stories at first bel. Very similar to Sharon Guskin s The Forgetting Timeor maybe The Forgetting Time is very similar to this one I don t know which one was written first I may take a few minutes later on to research it a bit Regardless Yesternight was an engaging mysterious and thrilling story about the idea of reincarnation Unfortunately because of my exposure to The Forgetting Time Yesternight was nothing I haven t read before but I very much enjoyed the mystery element and especially the twists and turns near the end It added a haunting feel to an already haunting thought Check it outMy favorite uote Sometimes traumatic memories like to keep the doors to their chambers wide open so that their victims never stop hearing seeing and sensing the horrors of their past The memories roared and clawed and sank sharp teeth into a person s brain As hard as the sufferer tried she could never slam the door shut without someone someone like a trained psychologist to help In fact shutting the door wasn t even the solution The memories themselves needed to be weakened tamed shrunken down to minuscule granules of dust that could no longer clamp down and destroy a person s life Other memories however preferred to hide behind closed doors with thick metal locks From behind the wood they snarled they growled they pounded their fists against the barrier and threatened to kick the door wide open to reveal their monstrous faces when their sufferers least wanted to see them And yet the remained a frustrating mystery Unconuerable until viewed and facedUpdate 123016 So I researched the publication dates and although The Forgetting Time was officially published first both publication dates are close enough to theorize that the authors were writing their books around the same time Unfortunately I could not locate any online interviews with Cat Winters to gain insight into her inspiration Although the main topics are eerily similar there are societal themes and historical factors that indeed set these two stories apart Both are lovely reads that I would recommendThe Forgetting Time Published February 2016Yesternight Published October 2016

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From the author of The Uninvited comes a haunting historical novel with a compelling mystery at its core  A young child psychologist steps off a train her destination a foggy seaside town There she begins a journey causing her to uestion everything she believes about life death memories and reincarnationIn 1925 Alice Lind steps off a train in the rain soaked coastal hamlet of Gordon Bay Oregon There she expects to do nothing difficult than administer I test. Miss Simpkin drew another long puff and blew smoke out of the right side of her mouth Do you believe in past lives Miss Lind 4 12 stars Goodness I just love Cat Winters Historical fiction set in Oregon my hometown mysteries and elements of the paranormal It s like she custom wrote a book just for meEach of her books so far have been right up my alley and Yesternight was no exception If anything with each new book she releases her writing only gets better and better And it s about time people started taking notice of herCat Winters has published not just one but two amazing books in 2016 I was floored by The Steep Thorny Way that came out earlier this year following a girl trying to solve her father s murder Yesternight is another mystery of sorts but it takes Winters usual ghostly paranormal plots to another level and focuses on reincarnationAlice Lind is a young psychologist struggling to make it in a field that during the 1920s was largely dominated by men A lot of people won t even take her seriously once they realize she is female When Alice comes to Gordon Bay to administer I tests to school children one child captures her interest Seven year old Janie O Daire claims she was Violet Sunday in a past life and lived in Kansas before her violent deathThe atmosphere in this book was the perfect amount of creepy full of rainy Oregon nights and Alice s befuddlement as she a believer of science wondered Could reincarnation be real Her uestions spiraled her into a dark place as she remembered events of her past Soon she was too caught up in the O Daire mystery to escapeI love how Winters books can be read by both adults and teens Her young adult novels don t hold any of the usual overdone themes found in the genre and her adult books like this one and The Uninvited are light on adult content with only a bit language and sexual content so they can also be read by younger readersA hint of romance an abundance of suspense and delicious historical details Yesternight couldn t have been perfect I know I went to bed the night I finished it with shivers up my spine and a lingering sense of dread

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    Just as haunting and eerie as the others yet despite enjoying myself not my favorite of her novelsAs usual Miss Winter's writing paints a vivid picture of the setting of the story so rich and electric you can practically taste and see everything surrounding the people and yourself in a way It draws you in sitting patiently with you as you d

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    Miss Simpkin drew another long puff and blew smoke out of the right side of her mouth “Do you believe in past lives Miss Lind?” 4 12 stars Goodness I just love Cat Winters Historical fiction set in Oregon my hometown

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    Absolutely loved this book Cat Winters is becoming a solidly dependable author for me She's 22 in my book enjoyment so far I love how she sets her books during the post war timeframe and tackles issues such as PTSD soldiers attempting to integrate back to civilian life feminism spiritualism prewar vs postwar views on the roles of women and elements of the paranormal Though in this book she discusses reincarnation Absolutely fas

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    That ending shudders Review to come closer to release dateEdited to add reviewCat Winter's has uickly become one of my favorite authors when I want a good well written historical read with the touch of something other Yesternight does not disappointAlice is the type of girl Winters has become known for tough brave and not at all conventional for the time period she lives in but Alice also has a dark side one she tries to keep hi

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    After reading The Uninvited a while back was I eager to read from Cat Winters and getting a chance to read Yester

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    Very similar to Sharon Guskin's The Forgetting Timeor maybe The Forgetting Time is very similar to this one I don't know which one was written first I may take a few minutes later on to research it a bit Regardless Yesternight was an engaging mysterious and thrilling story about the idea of reincarnation Unfortunately because of my exposure to The Forgetting Time Yesternight was nothing I haven't read before but I very much enjoyed the m

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    If anyone doubts me when I say that a dodgy ending can ruin an otherwise good book I’ll give them this book an

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    I have enjoyed some books by this author in the past but I don't think I will read any books by her I've enjoyed her historical books that a slightly eerie and atmospheric vibe on the border of fantasy and this book seemed like it would be off to a good start It was so atmospheric and interesting and seemed like it would delve into some commentary about mental health in the 1920s with a feminist vibe I will s

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    This book was a fast read all the plot happens very uick and suddenly That's not a bad thing but the progression feels rushed at some points of the story This felt like a b rated horror story and I don't even kn

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    I almost didn’t read this book I’ve read all of Cat Winters’s novels and enjoyed them all for the most part Her other books hover around a 38 rating average but this one remained at a steady 35 which indica

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